In the lead-up to Gathering ’11 I wrote a post on the SSE Australia blog called “8 (non-war) Metaphors for building a better future“. This post was driven partly by an interest in metaphor, but also by a strong desire to be conscious in the language we are choosing in describing and creating futures.

The title of the post looked at the prolific use of war-like metaphors for not only describing a change process, but also in creating it. This is the power of metaphor. Metaphors do more than describe reality; they also go a long way to creating it.

I find metaphor to be a powerful tool in communicating, and so often it is done unconsciously. I am on the look out for more metaphors that are shaping our world, with a view to create a sort-of library of metaphors. Please comment with suggestions, ideas and places to look….

2 thoughts on “Seeking Metaphors shaping our world

  1. Hey Benny ! Having a read through your blog – love your work!! Have a few metaphors which I’ll email / call about when it’s not 11pm :). Can’t wait to see you soon
    Nic xo

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