I recently wrote a post titled “A dream school for changemakers”, which retold and interpreted a dream I had. This dream gave me some interesting and important insights into the work that I do. I have been working consciously with my dreams for the past twelve years. On most mornings when I wake up, I record my dreams in a dream journal. After twelve years I have filled literally dozens of exercise books and journals, and have found a way to work with my dreams that has really helped me in my life and work.

There are a number of different theories about dreams and what they signify. Some people see dreams as simply projections of their innermost thoughts or desires. Others see dreams as a way of processing what happened for them in their day. These can both be accurate ways of looking at dreams; yet dreams can be something much more than this as well.

For me the dreamworlds are as real as the world out here. I see myself as Soul who exists in this body. I don’t see myself as a body that has a Soul, but rather as Soul who has a body. At night when I sleep I am able to leave my body to have experiences in other worlds. Just as this earthly or physical world is full of experiences that teach me lessons, so to are the dreamworlds. What I find extra important about the dreamworlds is that I don’t have the same filters of the mind which block me from seeing and experiencing things as I do in the physical world.

My dreams have served me in many ways over the years and given me important insight and guidance about many aspects of my life. They have shown me coming life changes, given confirmation about accepting certain jobs, insights into how to deal with conflicts with colleagues, guidance about what health approaches I should take and more.

There are many different types of dreams – past-life dreams, problem-solving dreams, prophecy dreams, waking dreams, healing dreams, spiritual dreams, karmic dreams and more. It often doesn’t matter whether we can identify what type of dream it is, but simply knowing that dreams can help us in a variety of ways can help us see the value of them in our lives.

So why do dreams matter to changemakers? Firstly, they can help you to understand what is happening in your life, and help you make certain decisions. For changemakers there is another striking and important reason. For me, I believe that all the wonderful and inspired projects we see emerging in the world actually originate in the inner worlds or dreamworlds.

When we have an idea to create something new, it was not constructed in the brain as an idea (although sometimes our egos would like us to believe that we are so genius). These ideas already exist in their full and complete form. What we are doing as changemakers and entrepreneurs is simply ‘picking up on’ or perceiving these ideas and manifesting them in the world. This is also why so often we come up with an idea and then see the same idea popping up in other places around the world. This is not because these people stole your idea or their brain mysteriously conjured up the same idea. It is because in the dreamworlds we are all tapping into the same source of inspiration. It is our ability to perceive what is created there that determines (at least in part) the different ways that these are manifested in the world.

The catch is that in the manifestation process, many details are often lost. We perceive some aspects but not others. We sense a certain part of the whole, but other aspects are somehow lost to us. This is why sometimes we know we are onto a good idea, but also sense there is something that is still to be worked out. Dreams are one way of tapping into that whole and seeing those missing parts.

To me, learning how and having the discipline to work with dreams is a critical skill and process for any changemaker or entrepreneur. If you really want to manifest something special in the world, I encourage you to learn how to tap into this secret most inner part of your life. It will change your life, your work and potentially the world.


For an excellent resource on dreams, check out “The Art of Spiritual Dreaming” by Harold Klemp

The image at the top of this article is from Healing Well. Artist unknown.

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