Hello friends,

You may have read my advertisement for BESi – Business Euthanization Services Inc. This was inspired by a bunch of conversations and real life stories around the ethics of business closure. To celebrate the pending end of the world, over the next couple of weeks I want to explore and write about some of the dimensions of business closure – market changes, leadership, decision making, courage and more.

I want to put attention on both the non-profit space, and also big business. For me this is new territory, as I have not found existing services or writing on this very important part of the business life cycle (well at least not in the conscious or planned sense).

My choice of using euthanization is important too, and I will write about why I have referred to this as business euthanization and not business murder or business genocide.

I would love to hear your comments over the coming couple of weeks as I explore this topic. Perhaps you could point me to existing writing, or case studies where you have seen either ethical or unethical approaches to business closure.

If you are new to this blog, feel free to sign up to receive updates. In the meantime, take care of your good selves. Enjoy Earth!


Here are the full series of posts:

Euthanize Your Business Today!

Courage to Close: Two nonprofits take their next step

Do you get your market’s vote?

Business hospice and euthanization: what the…?

Closing shop: how do you know it’s time?

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