Are you concerned that your business or non-profit is not having the impact it intended?
Do you worry about forced closure and the ethical impacts it might have?
Has your market shifted so dramatically that your business is irretrievable?
Are you seeking an exit strategy that provides dignity and respect to all your stakeholders?

These are some of the many questions that business people and non-profit leaders ask when they come to Business Euthanization Services Inc (BESi) for advice. Over the past decade, we have seen dramatic shifts in markets and a sharp rise in the number of businesses forced to close. So often the final years and months of a business’s life is riddled with pain, stress and significant negative impact on its stakeholders.

Our research has shown that this was not due to poor intention on behalf of the business owner. So often business owners end up feeling shame and regret from the impacts of closure. At BESi we know that this can all be avoided through thorough prior planning and conscious leadership. This is what we like to call: conscious closure.

BESi was founded in 2012 to help business owners and leaders approach the matter of business closure in a way that brings dignity, compassion and respect to all people involved. BESi has a generous and wise team of associates who are able to support you and your closure needs in a way that honors your highest ethical intentions. Our services include:

Business Euthanization Planning – building it in from the start
Change management and leading through closure
Employment services and career planning for all staff
Post-closure support

Call BESi now on 1500-END-BIZ
for your free no obligation consultation


BESi is to closure, as
Entrepreneur is to start-up

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