For a number of years I have been working, learning, playing and exploring in the field of ‘doing good’. This has involved working in non-profit organisations, schools, personal development programs and international development.

As CEO of the Australian School for Social Entrepreneurs I worked with and came in contact with dozens of changemakers and philanthropists. These were some of the most extraordinary people I have met, each bringing a great deal of love and care to what they do. In the hundreds of conversations I have had, I found an overriding desire to create change that is ethical, lasting and impactful. Yet how to understand the ethical dimensions of changemaking has been somewhat elusive to most people I have met.

There is an assumption that because we have the intention of doing good, then naturally everything that we do must be good. But is intention enough?

As an educator and CEO, I found myself in situations where I have taken action or made decisions that have at times had a negative impact on others. It wasn’t because I was ‘unethical’ or had poor intentions. It was because at times I lacked the models, questions and processes that could help me think ethically, and align my actions fully with my intent.

As the field of doing good is primarily about the lives of others, there are all sorts of ethical matters at stake. For every solution we seek to address a problem, new problems are created. How do we think, feel and act as we do this?

I do not espouse to be an expert in ethics; I am here to learn. I dedicate this blog to exploring the ethical dimensions of changemaking, social entrepreneurship and doing good. I welcome questions and comments. If you have a particular dilemma or story you would like to explore, please contact me. I would love to explore that with you.

See you on the journey,



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