Why your dreams matter

I recently wrote a post titled “A dream school for changemakers”, which retold and interpreted a dream I had. This dream gave me some interesting and important insights into the work that I do. I have been working consciously with my dreams for the past twelve years. On most mornings when I wake up, I record my dreams in a dream journal. After twelve years I have filled literally dozens of exercise books and journals, and have found a way to work with my dreams that has really helped me in my life and work.

There are a number of different theories about dreams and what they signify. Some people see dreams as simply projections of their innermost thoughts or desires. Others see dreams as a way of processing what happened for them in their day. These can both be accurate ways of looking at dreams; yet dreams can be something much more than this as well.

For me the dreamworlds are as real as the world out here. I see myself as Soul who exists in this body. I don’t see myself as a body that has a Soul, but rather as Soul who has a body. At night when I sleep I am able to leave my body to have experiences in other worlds. Just as this earthly or physical world is full of experiences that teach me lessons, so to are the dreamworlds. What I find extra important about the dreamworlds is that I don’t have the same filters of the mind which block me from seeing and Read more

A dream school for changemakers

Last night I had this intriguing dream about a school for changemakers:

In the dream I found myself somewhere in the mountains in a changemaker community, somewhere like Boulder, CO. It was kind of laid out like a festival with a bunch of people ‘selling their wares’. There was one woman who ran a school for changemakers which was some kind of cross between Ashoka, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Outward Bound.

Students in the school would learn all about changemaking, ethics and how to do good most effectively. The process of this school was a series of ‘Outward Bound’-like expedition where changemakers would go on journeys to discover different dimensions of the problem and how to best make change.

There were about 7-9 different journeys that each changemaker would need to go through to master changemaking.  These would need to occur over a period of years. The first one was simply about how to understand a problem. The second was about storymaking, and how to reframe stories from the negative to the positive. The final journey would be about how to enact the most effective and efficient change.

In the dream a number of people were lining up to participate and learn from the wisdom of the teacher. Many were not Read more