Beyond economic growth: pluralism vs a non-profit world

I often get tired of the not-for-profit vs for-profit debate as it too often is simplistically argued. The other night I was at an event on social enterprise, and the keynote speaker starts by saying how much he hates not-for-profits. His background was in small business, and he seemed to think that this was the only answer. If only not-for-profits could operate according to his worldview, everything would be fine.

Over the past four years or so I have followed the work of Donnie Maclurcan who has been involved with founding initiatives such as Project Australia(En)Rich List, Post Growth Institute and even more (or perhaps less) daring pursuits like running across Australia. Donnie is an ethicist, researcher and passionate changemaker. He has taken on the task of understanding the not-for-profit paradigm, and holds a vision that the world be a non-profit world by 2050. You can check out Donnie’s vision in a talk he gave recently at Net Balance. Here is a guy that is trying to go beyond simplistic judgements of the non-profit world to remind us of their powerful possibilities.

Non-profit vs for-benefit: what are we talking about?

First, let’s define what we are talking about. Non-profit does not mean Read more