The Parable of the Rescuer

Once there was a family who went to picnic by a river. While settling in, one of the mothers saw a body floating down the river. She quickly jumped up, pulled the body out of the water, gave CPR and the man survived. Startled by the incident, the family sat reflecting on what happened. This lasted for all of ten minutes until another body came floating down the river.

Quick to respond, the mother jumped up, pulled the body out of the water, gave CPR and the man survived. As they were about to talk of the seeming coincidence, the same thing happened again. And again. And again, and again, and again. It seemed like every ten to fifteen minutes there would another body that would come floating unconscious down the river.

Of course the mother was wise to the world. She knew that simple saving people all day would exhaust her, so she enlisted the help of her family and other people nearby. Soon she had taught dozens of people how to conduct CPR. Over the course of the day, they managed to save dozens of lives and teach people how to rescue others. She was feeling pretty pleased with herself.

This was until a child pointed out the along with the bodies, there were also broken canoes and kayaks floating down the river. In all the drama, everyone had seemingly not paid attention to this phenomenon. In the drama of what was happening, all the mother could do was respond by saying, ‘don’t worry about the kayaks, those don’t matter. We really need to focus on saving these lives’. Read more