A dream school for changemakers

Last night I had this intriguing dream about a school for changemakers:

In the dream I found myself somewhere in the mountains in a changemaker community, somewhere like Boulder, CO. It was kind of laid out like a festival with a bunch of people ‘selling their wares’. There was one woman who ran a school for changemakers which was some kind of cross between Ashoka, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Outward Bound.

Students in the school would learn all about changemaking, ethics and how to do good most effectively. The process of this school was a series of ‘Outward Bound’-like expedition where changemakers would go on journeys to discover different dimensions of the problem and how to best make change.

There were about 7-9 different journeys that each changemaker would need to go through to master changemaking.  These would need to occur over a period of years. The first one was simply about how to understand a problem. The second was about storymaking, and how to reframe stories from the negative to the positive. The final journey would be about how to enact the most effective and efficient change.

In the dream a number of people were lining up to participate and learn from the wisdom of the teacher. Many were not Read more

Finding Joe, and the changemakers’ journey

On Monday I saw the documentary “Finding Joe” at the Wake Up Sydney event. The film explores the Hero’s Journey and the wisdom of Joseph Campbell. The thing I loved the most about this film is that it takes the story well beyond film and myth, to look at its application to personal psychology.

The thing that I have been contemplating on since though is ‘changemaking’ as an archetypal journey. In the classic “hero’s journey”, the stories and myths are about a hero who experiences ‘separation’ from their community or tribe, to depart and have a series of experiences that add up to the gaining of wisdom. The hero then returns to the community to share the wisdom gained.

For the changemaker it seems to be a different kind of journey. Firstly, the separation is quite different. Often in my observation, the changemaker stays embedded within the community they are seeking to serve. The separation is less a physical one, and more of an inner separation. Read more