Whatever you do, don’t trust the process!

“Trust the process” is one of the most frequently used phrases in modern personal development. When I hear it I usually shudder, partly because it is so overused, partly because I have been previously asked to trust a process that didn’t warrant trust, and yes, I too have asked people to trust a process.

As is often said, never trust the person who says “trust me”. If someone needs to qualify their trustworthiness by declaring it, that is the time to start questioning.

The phrase is usually used by a facilitator who understands the process a participants is in.  They have knowledge of the process, its design, methods and what is coming up. For them, they are able to trust the process because they know what the process is. What is often not recognised by facilitators who use this declaration, is that they are in a position of power. When you have knowledge that your group does not, and the ability to make decisions that will impact their experience without their knowledge, awareness or consent, this creates a strong power differential.

Knowing and respecting the power differential between a facilitator and a group is a critical skill.

When a facilitator pulls out the phrase, “trust the process”, it is usually because they have seen or heard signs that someone or a Read more